JavaLite - Java, light as a feather 3.0-SNAPSHOT API

This is a root package for all classes in JavaLite ecosystem.
ActiveJDBC - the agile Java ORM.
Contains annotations for overriding default behaviour.
Contains classes describing various association types.
Classes for operations with caches.
Classes to manage connections to databases.
Classes to manage database dialects, used internally.
Log management, see Logging
ActiveJDBC - collection of statistics on queries.
Primitive example of opening anc closing connection for servlets.
ActiveWeb - the agile java framework
ActiveWeb controller annotations, see Controllers and Routing.
Controller Filters, see Controller filters
Some abstract controllers.
Freemarker Tags, see Views.
AppConfig for configuring your system for different environments.
JavaLite Async, see JavaLite Async.
This package is a Swiss Army knife of utilities used in JavaLite as well as outside
Classes to manage data conversions, se Data conversions
DBMigrator, See AppConfig.
JavaLite HTTP library.
Model instrumentation, see Instrumentation.
LessC integration, see LessC.
JavaLite Logging, see
SASS integration, see SASS.
Package contains utilities classes to use in tests.
JSpec library, see
Data validation , see Validations.