Class Route


public class Route extends Object
Instance of this class will contain routing information discovered dynamically on a request.
Igor Polevoy: 1/8/13 4:21 PM
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    • getController

      public AppController getController()
    • getActionMethod

      public Method getActionMethod()
    • getArgumentClass

      public Class<?> getArgumentClass()
    • hasArgument

      public boolean hasArgument()
    • getActionName

      public String getActionName()
    • getId

      public String getId()
    • getHttpMethod

      public HttpMethod getHttpMethod()
    • getControllerPath

      protected String getControllerPath()
    • getControllerClassName

      protected String getControllerClassName()
      This is used in specs
      controller class name
    • setIgnoreSpecs

      protected void setIgnoreSpecs(List<IgnoreSpec> ignoreSpecs)
    • ignores

      protected boolean ignores(String path)
    • isCustom

      public boolean isCustom()
    • getTargetAction

      public String getTargetAction()
      In case of OPTIONS HTTP method, the controller action might be routed to Controller#options, in which case you can use this getter to see what was the original intended controller action.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object