Class RouteUtil


public class RouteUtil extends Object
This class exists to aggregate some common functions that are used by ActiveWeb as well as the Ope API plugin.
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      public static final Set<String> PRIMITIVES
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    • RouteUtil

      public RouteUtil()
  • Method Details

    • getNamedMethods

      public static List<Method> getNamedMethods(Class<? extends AppController> controllerClass, String actionMethodName)
      Gets methods matching an action name. Excludes: methods of superclasses from JavaLite and all non-public methods This method exists for caches controller methods in a ThreadLocal storage.
      all methods matching a method name.
    • isAction

      public static boolean isAction(Method method)
      1. modifier (must be public) 2. return value (must be void) 3. Parameters (count must be 1 or 0), 4. Cannot be static 5. Cannot be abstract