Annotation Interface RESTful

@Retention(RUNTIME) @Target(TYPE) public @interface RESTful
This annotations is to signify that a controller will be providing actions for RESTful routes. The following table taken from Rails 3: with a couple of small changes - new_form and edit_form Restful routes:
verb    path                   action          used for
GET     /books                 index           display a list of all books
GET     /books/new_form        new_form        return an HTML form for creating a new book
POST    /books                 create          create a new book
GET     /books/id              show            display a specific book
GET     /books/id/edit_form    edit_form       return an HTML form for editing a books
PUT     /books/id              update          update a specific book
DELETE  /books/id              destroy         delete a specific book
Igor Polevoy