Class MessageTag

All Implemented Interfaces:
freemarker.template.TemplateDirectiveModel, freemarker.template.TemplateModel, RequestAccess

public class MessageTag extends FreeMarkerTag
The message tag is designed to display messages in view templates. Message values are defined in resource bundle called "javalite_messages". This means that this tag will be looking for file called as default name and others, such as in case French locale was specified.


Simple usage

Given that there is a file with content:
and tag code:
 <@message key="greeting"/>
then the output will be:

Message with parameters

Lets say a message in resource bundle is declared like this:
 meeting=Meeting will take place on {0} at {1}

You can then specify the tag with parameters:

 <@message key="meeting" param0="Wednesday" param1="2:00 PM"/>

When a view template renders, the outcome will be:

 Meeting will take place on Wednesday at 2:00 PM

Defaulting to key if value not found

In case a resource bundle does not have a key specified, the key is rendered as value verbatim:

 <@message key="greeting"/>

The output:


Detection of locale from request

If there is a locale on the request supplied by the agent, then this locale is automatically picked up by this tag. For instance, if a browser supplies locale "fr_FR" and there is a corresponding resource bundle: "", with this property:


then this tag:

 <@message key="greeting"/>
will produce:

Overriding request locale

There is a "locale" argument you can pass to the tag to override the locale from request:
 <@message key="greeting" locale="de_DE"/>
Igor Polevoy: 8/15/12 3:50 PM
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      public MessageTag()
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      protected void render(Map params, String body, Writer writer) throws Exception
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      render in class FreeMarkerTag
      params - this is a list of parameters as provided to tag in HTML.
      body - body of tag
      writer - writer to write output to.
      Exception - if any