Class DBCommandListener

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    public class DBCommandListener
    extends CommandListener
    Standard command listener to process commands that require a database access. ActiveJDBC class Base will be used to open a connection.

    This class will open a new connection, start a new transaction and will execute the command. After that, the transaction will be committed. In case execution of a command fails, the transaction will be rolled back and command and exception wil be passed to onException(Command, Exception) method, where a subclass can process them further. The connection will be closed regardless of outcome.

    Igor Polevoy on 2/14/16.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DBCommandListener

        public DBCommandListener​(String jndiConnection)
        JNDI string to open a connection from a pool. Example: "java:comp/env/jdbc/yourdb".
        jndiConnection - JDBC connection string.
      • DBCommandListener

        public DBCommandListener()
        Use this constructor to open a connection using a set of properties from "" file according to current ACTIVE_ENV environment (development, production, etc.).
    • Method Detail

      • onCommand

        public <T extends Command> void onCommand​(T command)
        onCommand in class CommandListener
        command - command to execute.
      • onException

        protected void onException​(Command command,
                                   Exception exception)
        Override in subclasses to handle exceptions. This implementation does nothing.
        command - command that was unsuccessfully executed
        exception - exception caught during command execution